Empower Your Data

with the best React Data Grid there is

ReactDataGrid by Inovua
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Use our high-performance component to
build your app faster
ship sooner
, with
more features
Incredible performance
Extensively uses virtualisation to ensure even the largest datasets can be displayed in the grid. Both vertical and horizontal virtualisation will help you navigate your data seamlessly.
React all the way
It’s pure React, not a wrapper or an after-thought. We’ve carefully crafted the API with React in mind, so it feels really natural to work within a react environment.
Packed with functionality
You want to spend your time implementing your app, not yet another grid - so we’ve baked all the complex functionality you expect right into the React Data Grid.
Battle tested
It’s already been used by thousands of users in business-critical apps, so you can trust it from the get-go. Our clients are building their apps with the React Data Grid at the core of their products.
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