DataGrid - Right-to-left support (RTL)

RTL Support

The <ReactDataGrid /> offers support for right-to-left languages via thertl prop - see the snippet below for a basic usage example.
While developing RTL support, we've gone through the pain of many browser inconsistencies across many different areas of a web-app. So we've decided to bake RTL support into the <ReactDataGrid /> so you as developers don't have to manage all these inconsistencies yourself.
Due to some browser bugs, when using nativeScroll with rtl , the vertical scrollbar will be displayed on the right side of the content, and not on the left, as it should. In this case, we recommend using nativeScroll=false if the position of the vertical scrollbar is a problem to you.

RTL with remote data

You can use the rtl prop in combination with any other grid props, so below we demo two examples of RTL + remote data source - one with live pagination and the other with normal pagination.

TreeGrid with RTL

Below you can find an example combining tree-grid and RTL.